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Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP Government Approved Immigration Consultant in India

This is very important question in the process of if you are looking to settle yourself abroad for study or for business or even if you are looking PR from any country. It is suggestable to everyone to find the best immigration and visa consultant near you in your city. You can make a list of best immigration consultants based on your personal research and feedback to choose from and then decide who is going to help you in a better way. But there are several ways that you can confirm it on your own that the consultant you are contacting is genuine or not. This is a very obvious question which raises in most of our minds when we seek for immigration services or consultancies. The scenario at present is such that when we just turn our head we will find not less than 10 legal immigration firms.

If you are living in India and looking for the best immigration consultant, it is quite obvious for you to get confused searching one, as there are quite a few claiming the best of the best services. Do not follow them with their advertisements or lucrative offers. To make your dream of overseas immigration come true you have to be very focused while selecting the visa and immigration consultant. The only thing where you can make a mistake getting proper guidance for abroad immigration.

You can check things while interacting with your selected immigration and visa consultant.

The main thing that you have to identify on your own in order to select the government approved immigration and visa consultant.

1. Check whether it is registered

It’s quite an important aspect to confirm while looking for an immigration consultant. It has to be registered or authorized by the key regulatory bodies. For Australia, it has to be registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and for Canada, it should be authorized by ICCRC. Never forget to confirm these details from the immigration and visa consultants.

2. Check the Location/Office

Don’t just keep talking on phone or follow long chain of e-mail conversation. If you really don’t want to get into such immigration fraud, then you must visit their office. Visit personally to its office and check the setup, team, and status as a reliable brand. A personal interaction can keep you out from the fraud consultancies. There are lots of things you will come to know through personal interaction, which you often don’t pay attention to on-call or online.

3. Check the website

Review the website of your immigration consultant. Read the reviews and the comments given by the previous customers about their firm. A well established Immigration Consultancy service often has the rich website as well in terms of content, information, Visa types and visa process details, blogs, articles, news, and so on.

Apart from this, there is a lot of information available online, so, whatever information your consultant shares with you can be verified to remain aware and updated and find legitimacy of your consultant.

4. Carefully note the Services you are being offered by the immigration consultant

Always make a note of the services your consultant commits you to offer so that you can compare the same with others and also to find out any disconnection or difference you come across regarding the same. It will also help you later on when your immigration and visa consultant falls short of his commitments at any point in time.

Points that top immigration consultants Say to you

  • Our Immigration consultants make promises and fulfill them also. We do a regular communication with the customer and keep in touch with them to update the rules and policies so that they should be aware of everything before reaching the destination and should face any problem later.
  • Our team provides straightforward advice and we don’t make fake promises.
  • Our immigration consultant team is the best at their work and show dedication to the customer personally. A government approved immigration consultants follow a standard process for the valuation of reports. After completion, reports should be sent to seniors for review or evaluation.

SAFETY TIPS: “Please file your application from a MARA agent who are bound to act in your legitimate interests and give you right advice through a Code of Conduct.”

TIPS: “If I talk about Canada and Australia Immigration, the one I can suggest is Aspireworldcareers - it’s leading and registered immigration consultancy in India specialized in Canada as well as Australia immigration. They have proved them selves during these years as the best of best in Immigration and Visa consultancy service. They have the offices in Delhi. You may visit the website ( to check their services.”

Contact: +91-9711287974


How to get the best advice on Immigration, visa, and the Immigration Consultants?

Since, the Immigration and Visa process is the very sensitive process as there are various regulations and laws associated with the same of India and foreign countries. Hence, when you are choosing the consultant to make sure that it is registered, genuine and reliable to help you the best way in interpreting the complex immigration regulations and guidelines, so that your immigration to another country, become smooth, timely, and trouble-free. Spend some time on it and do not look for easy method or do not leave everything on your consultants. You need to keep checking the work progress.

In case the above article couldn’t resolve your issues then you can simply go to for government consultancy in New Delhi. They have got a very impressive track record down these years.

Pick the most and highly rated consultancy firm and read top reviews then you will get the idea of the services provided by that immigration consultancy.

Final but Important Points to Look at:

  • Visit and review the website of the particular consultant carefully check weather they are government approved or not.
  • It is very important that the consultant must have sufficient knowledge about all the visa processes. Also, the consultant should have a better communication skill that helps you to make your move better.
  • Before choosing any consultant, make sure that they have a high success rates in the particular industry. That will clarify their work in past.
  • You need to communicate about all the fee structure of the consultant services. Make sure that the consultant has no hidden charges. Otherwise they will ask you for extra money before handing over your certificates and keep on hold for your money.